Quality with Style! Why expect anything less.

With over three decades of professional experience, Beck Construction has been proudly serving the Greater Denver Metro and Northern Front Range areas. Beck Construction Company is family owned and operated by Bart Beck, a native Coloradoan.

Utilizing only the finest quality materials for the longest lasting and most attractive surface, Bart Beck can transform any surface into a unique work of art.

In additional to floors, countertops, walls, patios and walkways, Bart has applied his custom cement technique to design furniture and accessories. The creative stone finish can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any décor.

He undoubtedly upholds the highest standards for each and every project his company performs. Beck Construction does not believe in cutting corners or sacrificing quality for a less expensive product. After all, the family reputation rides on every job. Bart believes that “the satisfaction of a lower cost is fleeting in comparison to the misery of inferior quality.”